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B Jones
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Meet B Jones


An Ibiza stronghold, and festival maven, B Jones embodies the gypsy spirit of the island’s authentic self. Whether you’re in need of something sophisticated and decidedly jet-set, or you’re just down to feel sand in your toes and that magical house-music heartbeat, this is one DJ that delivers the goods. House music, B Jones says, is the great liberator.

Ibiza has found in B Jones one of its most loyal representatives, an artist able to contain and incarnate the most genuine spirit of the white island, that immaterial but perceptible strength that provides this spot with its peculiar magic halo. 

Press usually say that she posses a unique style combined with a great passion and energy capable to transform any party into a festival.

The singularity of B Jones´ sound has been present since the beginning of her career, when Pacha La Pineda decided that they couldn´ t let her fresh, new, unique House style escape and hired her as a resident. 

Her election as finalist in the contest “She Can Dj” organized by EMI Music proved that the iconic brand of cherries hadn´t been wrong about its previous decision. Since then, B Jones’ career has been a constant ascent in which she has beat challenge after challenge and has reached milestone after milestone. 

The publication of her first single “I Wish You Well” on Vendetta Records has been followed by many others, especially on Pacha Recordings after becoming part of the Pacha Ibiza Agency and the brand´s Dj ambassador, taking part in the Pacha Ibiza World Tour and occupying a residency in Pure Pacha at Pacha Ibiza.

Her next step was joining the circuit of Mambo Ibiza, Privilege, Nassau Beach Club, Km5 and Blue Marlin reaching with this a spectacular national and international repercussion which caused her nomination as “Best Artist of the Year” in the Vicious Music Awards.

This repercussion also maintains her constantly in the global TOP of DJanes, placing herself at position #83, and it also has driven her to go through the best clubs in the world in countries like Germany, France, Switzerland or United Kingdom in Europe; United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay or Chile in America; India, Philippines, Singapore, Japan or South Korea in Asia; and in Africa Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and South Africa

However, away of becoming comfortably stagnant in this privileged position, B Jones continues looking into the future, taking a step forward in the musical production with various releases amongst which stand out “Leave It Behind” along with the singer & Songwritter Ninos Hanna including a Remix by a Stonebridge & her latest release "Come Closer" feat. Leon Cormack, tracks that capture the freedom and spirit of pure house music and aptly show off B Jones’ talent as a world-class producer. 


For more than two years B Jones has combined her busy schedule of performances with work in the studio that has gave as result this weekly podcast “Come Closer”. A personal project in which B Jones wants to express her most identified House with fresh and unique touches but maintaining an innovative character in every moment.

“Come Closer” is listened to in Germany, Argentina, Spain, United States, Greece, Holland, Portugal, United Kingdom, South Africa and Venezuela & World Wide through different Online Platforms.  ​ Also, she has created the event Come Closer, a new challenge with which she has confirmed residencies in Ibiza and Marbella. A concept than reflects the most human and passionate essence of Ibiza, that one of which B Jones is the main ambassador.

B jones embodies the authentic Ibiza. A lifestyle that fuses the wild and unconventional spirit of the gypsy with the sophistication and flair of the jetset. An ideal crossing of cultures where B jones reigns as its Queen. With a genuine, unpretentious and exclusive manner she let´s every single person feel welcome and seen-a true and rare gift. 

There is another Ibiza with no relation to arrogant, pompous and distanced superstar mannerisms.  There is another Ibiza and even if it inhabits the same clubs, the same festivals and the same crowd it moves it all differently.  With more heart, closer to untainted joy and closer to each other.  Let’s call it human Ibiza. And let’s call B Jones its Queen.  A Queen of everything warm and happy and heartfelt and close.  A Queen of making music a bridge, not a barrier, between DJ and crowd, creating a family. B Jones.Come closer


Temple/SanFrancisco, Ministry Of Sound/Uk, Zouk/Singapore, Pacha IbizaBrävalla Fest/Sweden, Fabrik/Madrid, Los Alamos Fest/Spain, Desalia/Ron Barcelo Spain, Fratelli/Romania, Arona Summer Fest/Tenerife, Privilege IbizaThe Palace/Philippines, Crystal Club/Qatar, Club XL/Dubai, Pacha MallorcaKalypso, Revelin/Croatia, Pacha BarcelonaOne/Lebanon, Masquerade/Turkey, Pacha Buzios/Brazil, Blue Marlin IbizaMambo IbizaFexpocruz/Bolivia, Happy Holi Fest/Argentina, Camelot/Japan, Opium,Vogue/France, Kitty Sue, Story/India, Costez, Numero One, Riobo/Italy, Versuz/Belgium, Shimmy Beach, The Sands/South Africa, Rakiura/Paraguay, Pacha Sharm El Sheik/Egypt, Buddha/Marbella, The Deck,W Hotel,Setai Hotel/ Miami among many others    
Musical style: 
House / Progressive House


Afisha DJanes Country City Club Date
B Jones Spain ibiza TANTRA IBIZA - PRE PARTY - PARIS by NIGHT by BOB SINCLAR 03/06/2017 23:30 View
B Jones Spain MARBELLA MIRAGE CLUB - COME CLOSER by B JONES & FRIENDS 14/06/2017 23:30 View
B Jones Spain TUDELA NOBOO 16/06/2017 23:30 View