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Dj Raquel D.K.

De Damas Khaldi
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Dj Raquel D.K. Biography

Raquel De Damas Khaldi known by her stage name Dj Rachel D. K. She is a promise young dj, born in Granada on October 10th 1991.

She lives in Marbella since childhood. Always been devoted to painting.

At 18 years old  She decided to turn 180º to change the palette and the brush for the CDJs, Rachel has always painted and found in music another way to express her art, both are closely linked to it.

With her palette mix the colors and with the decks mixes sounds, creating a perfect harmony.

She started listening to different DJs with whom she shared booth and learned to master the technique of  djing

Rachel began to break into the world of djing 2010 and her first performance was at Hotel Guadalpin Banus*****GL.

Starlite festival Marbella, Café del Mar, Nikki beach prive, Marriott's beach club, Amare Beach club are just some of the places where DJ Raquel D.K has been performed.

Musical style: 
Deep House / Hip-Hop / House / R&B / Tech House