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The exclusive interview with Jaime Llado - Director of Tito`s club in Mallorca!

Tito`s is a luxury club in the Paseo Marítimo of Palma, in one of the most important areas of the Mallorca night, along with bars, restaurants and dance rooms that will give you the best night experience. It is one of the most remarkable and popular buildings in Palma, known by its unmistakable facade and its elegant glass elevators, the lights and the furnishing of the club make the environment really spectacular.

 We had chance to talk with Director of Tito`s - Jaime Llado and you should see it!



DJANEMAG:  Can you tell about yourself ? How did you start a work in the club? How long do you personally work there? What are your responsibilities ? 
Jaime Llado:   In a few weeks I will begin what will be my 17th season as director of Titos. Before I also been 6 years directing Paradies ( club located on the Playa Palma and also belonging to Cursach group )
DJANEMAG Can you tell about club's name? When was club opened?  What is the politic and price of club?
Jaime Llado: Tito`s was night club open air that opened 1923. Was 33 years ago when an English company turned to a Disco . 
Few years after , Cursach group acquired and kept the name for being part of the Mallorca History .
DJANEMAG: Does your club throw theme parties? Which one?
Jaime Llado: We have several themed parties that are very important and followed by our clients like for example our big Anniversary , also the famous Studio 54 Party because we going back to the time and introduce our guest to the golden age of the clubs with our spectacular dancer team , shows , and of course musically with the old songs . Cabaret , Gatsby and our Circus are also our already famous parties .
DJANEMAG:  Do you follow our top100djanes rating and what advices would you give us? 
Jaime Llado: I follow everything about music and djs of course.

DJANEMAG: Which DJane do you think is top in nowadays electronic music community?

Jaime Llado: Probably Nervo is actually the top in my opinion ( we working to bring them to our club in next season ). Also Juicy M is another top Djane , and she played twice , last summer in Tito’s . Most of our clients are from Italy , France and Scandinavians , so our priority is to bring the most powerful artist for those Markets . In my opinion , the strongest is Nervo.


DJANEMAG: Do you have Djane resident in your club ?
Jaime Llado: Our residents DJ are Male , I would like to have a Djane as well , but in Mallorca not big names ... it’s pity.
DJANEMAG: Who were the most popular guests in your club? ( like as stars, sportsmen, actors)?
Jaime Llado: Last summer was Paris Hilton playing in Tito’s and I just can say that she surprised us for her professionalism and humility . Was a great night !! Celebrities ? Cristiano Ronaldo , Jamiroquai , Kimi Raikkonen , Valentino Rossi , Paris Hilton , Jorge Lorenzo ,some members of our Royal family , etc .Also many national actors , singers, and famous people of the sport world . 
DJANEMAG:  Can you tell us about plan for future? Maybe you create new projects or special party?
Jaime Llado: I want to settle as the best club in Mallorca ( actually we are ) and my wish for the future , is to belong to the exclusive group of best 5 clubs in Europe . In my opinion we are already close.
DJANEMAG:   What is the secret of your club? How to be success and popularity club as you are? 
Jaime Llado: A lot of work , dedication , illusion and of course , ambition ... there no more secret. We have a very exclusive Vip with a profesional service to our guest . Lately we are growing in this area , also the shows and good music , all together with a elegant atmosphere made that Tito,s is right now , one of best clubs in Europe . 

First of all, DJANEMAG team want to thank Jaime Llado! Thanks for your time!

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