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Exclusive interview with Medusa Festival

Medusa Festival is one of the brightest events in electronic music world.

It is a dance music festival in Cullera, Spain. On the Valencian town's beach, celebrated DJs from both the mainstream and the underground join forces on a lineup packed with electronic music talent.

Besides the stars of EDM, house, techno, trance and more, the festival also invests heavily in the production on display, with spectacular staging constructed on the golden sands, built around the theme for each edition.

This year Medusa is preparing something really grand and special for electronic music fans. What we need to emphasise is that this year Medusa has already announced a cool squad of female artists, true superstars in their genres: Nervo, Nina Kraviz, Korsakoff, AniMe and Mandy! 

We had a talk with a community manager of the Medusa Festival to find out more about the event. Check out our interview below. All exclusive with!

DJANEMAG:  At first, please, introduce yourself.  

- Hi, my name is Pive, I´m the community manager of the Medusa Festival. 

DJANEMAG: Tell us what's special about Medusa festival? How does it differ from other festivals? 

Medusa Festival is different because I think in Spain we don´t have any festival with all types of music, and Medusa have techno, edm, hardcore, live concerts…

DJANEMAG: The previous year's topic was 'The Secret of Wonderland', What are you preparing for us in 2020? 

 - Our first characteristic is every year we have a different thematic, all of our decoration is different and special every year. This year our topic is “Circus of Madness”, we have already set a big stage and the customers are going to be very surprised, I think.

DJANEMAG: Medusa's lineup is always huge! What are the main criteria in the lineup formation? How do you select artists? Do any DJs rankings influence your choice? 

- Yes, our line up is really incredible this year. In this episode we have a wonderful headliners, we are lucky to have DJs like Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Carl Cox, Nina Kraviz and many more.

DJANEMAG: It is always interesting how many people participate in the preparation of the event of this magnitude? Can you say at least an approximate figure?

- I think more or less we are approximately 500 peopleMedusa is not only a music festival, it is a big family too. Medusa has a big team, thanks to them year after year, we build a big, perfect and special festival. 

DJANEMAG: Any final words for our readers and all those, who is giong to visit Medusa Festivla this year.

- We invited people to come to Medusa Festival because in Spain doesn’t exist a festival like that one. It´s really not our business to do this but, in reference to our department, we try to please the customer and sometimes they have many suggestions that we listen to and carry out. I think that every detail is important in our medusa´s family, this is our best difference, we take care of every detail, every worker and of course dis and customers. 

Check out Medusa Festival 2019 aftermovie below.