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She 1918 Fest with Olga Ryazanova, Marien Novi, Pretty Pink and more!

She 1918 Fest is the first festival in the world whose line-up is formed only by feminine artists. It will take place in Lanzarote on 18-19th August. There will be an “Open Door” Day on Friday, especially though for families with activities, workshops, food trucks, a market and performances of local Djs and singers. On Saturday the doors will open at 15:00 and besides all described previously there will be performances of Olga Ryazanova, Marien Novi, Pretty Pink, Tenkeys, Isabela Clercy Nuria Scarp, all of them renowned figures in the international and national electronic, indie and pop industry.

The name of this Spanish festival honors the birth of the National Association of Spanish Women whose mission was to fight for equality in civil and political rights included suffrage. So, this festival wants to commemorate this historical fact but also it wants to contribute actively in the currently feminist fight; its line-up formed only by feminine artists tries to make visible and also to break the existing gap in music industry (only 15% of the artists booked in Spanish festivals are women). 

She 1918 Fest bets on facts against words, it bets on giving the feminine artists the space and the visibility that they deserve but the musical industry denies to them.