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[SILVERM13] Fatima Hajji - Melodream E.P. + Drunken Kong & Rudosa remixes

Fresh from stellar recent performances in Germany, UK, Portugal and Spain, Fatima is now looking to follow up on the success of her previous Silver M EP releases (Silence, Ghost and SLV MOON) with one of her finest to date, an essential 5-track offering comprising of three original tracks and two stunning remixes.

The EP's title track 'Melodream' kicks things off, taking the listener on a rip-roaring ride encompassing; a driving four-to-the-floor rhythm, a manipulate guitar-esque synth melody and an excellent use of effects.

Next is 'Hammer', a gritty high-octane roller which features a pounding lo-fi drum track, an array of scattered synth stabs and powerful bass frequencies. 'Star' follows on to complete the trio of Original tracks, delivering and tough relentless groove with a commanding synthetic bassline and intense builds.

The first of the two remixes is next up, seeing the UK-based rising Techno talent Rudosa rework 'Hammer' by unitising only some of the Original's elements and delivering a peak-time dancefloor weapon full of synth stabs and pounding beats. Concluding the release is Japan's established DJ/producer duo Drunken Kong who put their own spin on 'Star', serving up an intense dancefloor workout with a hypnotic groove and lush pad tones.

Released by: Silver M

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